What is a Pendulum?

Simplistic in design, a pendulum is a small stone or crystal suspended on the end of a chain or string. Designs vary, as do the materials used. The creation of each pendulum  begins with the stone and is chosen based on its metaphysical qualities and color. The stone is complemented by other stones, crystals or beads, and the end piece. It is designed to balance the aesthetic and healing properties of the stone. 

Why use a Pendulum?

Dr. Paula Davey was the first medical doctor I met who also practiced alternative medicine. She taught me to muscle test via the O-ring technique. Later I learned the pendulum method of self-testing and found it to be reliable and relatively simple to use. I found it invaluable for testing food, water and supplementsMany of the doctors I would meet over the years used muscle testing, and I am grateful to each of them for what they taught me.

Health Purposes: Detect imbalances in the body through self-testing.

Supplements: Does your body need it? Tolerate it? How many? How often?

Distance Muscle Testing: Test someone not physically with you.

Event Planning: Choose the best possible date for your next special occasion.

Agriculture: Determine overall health and/or proper placement of plants.

Animals: Detect imbalances in your pets. Share this information with your vet.

Pendulum uses are limited only by one's imagination.

How to use a Pendulum

Hold the pendulum chain between your thumb and index finger at the end opposite the stone, bending your elbow slightly at your side. Hold so the stone is about one inch above the open palm of your 
opposite hand.

Clear your mind to establish what is yes and no:
    • Ask a definite ‘yes’ question. Notice which direction the pendulum swings. This is your 'yes' answer. 
    • Ask a definite ‘no’ question. Notice which direction the pendulum swings. The motion will be different. This is your 'no' answer.
Practice by asking obvious yes/no questions to get a sense of how the answer feels. As you learn what a 'yes' or 'no' feels like, you'll begin to trust your answers. This teaches you to trust your intuition.

Pendulum Workshops at Silver Birch

We'd like to teach you how to tap into and learn to trust your intuition through our fun and educational Pendulum Workshops. Attend a class at Silver Birch, or schedule a Pendulum Party at your home or business. 


"Kamela recently gave a very professional presentation at my support group on how to use a pendulum for self-testing.  She had prepared a detailed handout on the subject, tailored to our special needs, which she distributed to everyone present.  She also brought a selection of her beautiful hand-crafted pendulums, which she let us practice with.  Her delivery was easy to follow and understand, and informal enough to be very enjoyable.  I was very impressed with how well prepared and organized she was, and also how beautiful and unusual her pendulums are (and also quite reasonably priced).  Although I have been using a pendulum for several years, I learned several new ideas from Kamela.  I don’t believe anyone else who was there that night was very familiar with the concept, but they received an excellent introduction to it.  Kamela has learned from several teachers, and has studied and practiced for several years.  She appears to me to be a very experienced and capable teacher.  

I especially appreciated that Kamela did not make too-good-to-be-true claims about self-testing being the answer to all our problems.  She pointed out that it is not always 100% accurate, but can be a useful way to help with small, daily decisions and also can help to formulate questions for your doctor. It appears to me that Kamela has a lot of common sense and some very practical knowledge to share." -- Khaya Davidson, Support Group Leader

Disclaimer: Use your pendulum with clear intention and aligned with the highest good for yourself and others. Understand that it is a tool for learning to tap into and practice listening to your intuition. It should not and cannot be used as a substitute for your doctor’s instructions nor should it ever be used to diagnose illness in yourself or others.